About us

We are a dedicated company looking to provide the best quality spares and exceptional customer experience. Founded in 2010 we have quickly taken top spot in the Industry by offering not only great components but also delivering on service.

We aim to offer our clients a full range of mobile phone parts & accessories at the best possible price.

Offering second hand mobile phones for sale in the UK is a part of our mission to help the previous owner of the phone to make profit from an old phone instead of putting it in a drawer and forgetting about it, as well as helping the new owner of the mobile phone after its refurbishment to find a pristine phone at an affordable price.

IndusFone also has a commitment to the environment. For too long over the years, old phones have sat in drawers around the house, collecting dust and becoming worthless. Not only do we sell phones to our customers, but we also buy their old phones, which they no longer need, and refurbish them ourselves. Our commitment to value doesn’t just stop at providing competitive prices for their phones. We will also provide customers with a 10% increase in price for their phones if they choose to sell their phones in exchange for our IndusFone vouchers.